Duffie’s Dames Animal Rescue & Sanctuary

Non-Profit Animal Sanctuary

Who are we?

Duffie’s Dames Animal Rescue and Sanctuary is a foster-based non-profit  501(c)(3) animal rescue organization based in Indian River County, FL


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MEMORIAL TRIBUtE and Legacy Gifts

We here at Duffies Dames welcome you to make a Memorial contribution in remembrance of your loved one.

Visit us at Duffie’s Dames Animal Rescue & Sanctuary Facebook Page for more details.

We welcome you to share your story by sending us your personal message at our designated email.

Thank you for considering helping support Duffie’s Dames Animals!

Please use this form to make a donation in your loved one’s honor. Your gift to our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization can be tax deductible. Thank you for your consideration!

Work With Us

Foster A Pet

While we are looking for their forever homes, our pets still need a family to share their love with.  All supplies needed to care for your furry friend will be supplied.

Become a Forever Home

Can you offer your heart and home to be the guardian of a loving pet?  They all need a champion now, someone who will allow them to flourish in a lifelong human connection.

Who are we?

Inspired by the life of Kathy Lynn Duffie, a disabled veteran, injured in Iraq who was a passionate animal rescue advocate.  When Kathy passed away, seven loving and adorable kitties and two loyal and playful doggies were left without a home.

Duffie’s Dames Animal Rescue and Shelter is a foster-based non-profit animal rescue organization based in Indian River County, FL.

We were founded in October 2019 and since then, we’ve rescued, re-homed and provided medical care Spay/Neutering, medications and dental care and surgeries through various local veterinary offices.

By working with a group of committed volunteers, foster homes, we help to facilitate the placement of animals while providing them with loving, temporary care, and to find them well-matched, carefully screened forever homes.

Duffie’s Dames relies completely on your generosity to provide donations (both financial and in-kind) and volunteers. We do not receive any government funding at this time.

All rescued animals are housed in volunteer foster homes until an appropriate forever home has been found.

Duffie’s Dames is committed to every animal that we rescue. We do not euthanize animals because they have been with us too long or for medical reasons. Rather, we provide sick and elderly animals a sanctuary to live out the rest of their lives in a cage-free environment. If, for any reason, an adopter is no longer able to keep their adopted animal, we are committed to bringing it back into our Rescue and Sanctuary program.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Duffie’s Dames namesake, Kathy Lynn Duffie was no stranger to hardship in life.  Injured in Operation Iraqi Freedom III, she sustained severe head trauma which ultimately resulted in her losing her life.  However, Kathy had love to spare and invested it rescuing her furry friends from their own lives of hardship.

Our passion is to continue Kathy’s charge and spread love to both our furry friends in need and every person who opens their heart to them.

Featured Sanctuary Ambassadors

Spotlight on Duffie’s Dames


Guinness World Book worthy Loudest Purr                                            Feisty Female Calico – RIP 01.19.2022


Lynx Point Siamese – ADOPTED


Orange & White Cinnamon Swirl Girl

Tipper "the talker"

BIG, Beautiful Green-Eyed Tiger Tabby